Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas Part 2

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Be clear which areas of the house are off limits, remove any alcohol, and move any fragile or valuable items to a room that you can lock. You may even want to be around at the beginning of the party to make sure no one brings in anything illegal like alcohol or cigarettes.

A good way to check in on them without them feeling put out is to drop by half way through the party to deliver some extras supplies—perhaps some more food or birthday cakes. This gives you a reason to do a quick check that everything is OK without them feeling like you’re intruding.

For food you can just keep things simple like pizza, sliders, tacos, nachos etc. — but remember to include some vegetarian options as it’s around this age that teens start adopting their own eating habits. Also, make sure there’s plenty of it— teenagers, especially the boys, can put away huge amounts of food—but still keep everything snack sized so they can pick throughout the party. When it comes to drinks lay on a selection of alcohol-free ‘mock tails’ so they can feel a little more grown up.

To receive your guests with enthusiasm and to make them comfortable and have a blast in your party you must have an exciting theme and there are many sweet sixteen party ideas to make your teen party a special one. There are sweet sixteen party ideas for any budget. There are themes like chocolate party, spa party and others. The return gifts too will portray some connectivity with the main theme of your sweet 16 party. Complete party requirement package and a whole lot of goodies can be provided by on line party stores and it can be coordinated with any party theme that you select.

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