Harvest Party Ideas

Harvest Party Ideas

There are many different harvest party ideas which you may use for your next harvest party. Some considerations to consider include decoration, color, food and games for the party.

The seasons are changing and autumn is upon us. Fall is full of rich, earthly colors that blanket the surroundings. Like a painter’s palette, the shades are full of gold, amber, pumpkin, and rustic dyes. The smells of the season are experienced each morning when inhaling the crisp, cool air. The chilly wind and breeze revives one’s soul, and the hint of burning leaves and fireplaces start to linger. One fills the spirit by gathering for some traditional home cooking with family and friends. Apple cider, pies, pumpkin bread, and stews are comforting on a windy fall day.

Autumn is the start of all the festivities that lead into the winter months, and are enjoyed by all. Children look forward to Halloween. Teenagers are excited about homecoming. Adults, as well as children, look forward to gathering for Thanksgiving. And the start of football season is always a reason to get together with family and friends on Sunday.

The beauty about fall decorations is that they apply to all three months. Embellishing with the typical pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows, cornstalks, and haystacks can go a long way in garnishing for any party. This becomes the basis of all the decorations, and then one chooses additional trimmings to fit a party theme. For example, Halloween one would add more jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and witches. Thanksgiving include more turkeys and pilgrims into the theme. Start with the basics and elaborate to a scheme.

Rich, warm colors embrace the season of autumn. Balloons and table clothes are simple touches of inviting tints of autumn. The color wheel will give you the main colors of the season. Pick your favorite color, and make it darker. Take a cue from nature and include some bold colors in your party décor. Walk through your local park for inspiration. The changing of the leaves is one of the most beautiful times of year. You can even take some particularly beautiful leaves home with you to include in the décor.

Horseshoes is a fun and easy game to keep everyone entertained at an autumn party. You could even set up a round-robin tournament. A large dartboard hung at one end of the room can also provide plenty of adult fun.

Music and dancing are always welcome at a party. Hiring a band can get expensive, so if funding is tight, pop in a few favorite CDs and let everyone get down. Talented musicians may be among you, so ask them to bring their guitars or keyboards.

Children’s play tractors, trucks, and farm sets can be placed around the room. Setting up a miniature barnyard can be a harvest party idea to keep kids busy while the adults socialize. A few fall craft favors for the kids, like decorating fall cookies or mini pumpkins, are also good to have on hand.

The purpose of this party is to celebrate autumn, so be sure to highlight the fruits and vegetables that are at their peak. Don’t just go by generic lists. Find out what’s in season for your specific area. This will bring a seasonal sense to the guests of the party.

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