Italian Dinner Party Ideas

Italian Dinner Party Ideas

There many different choices for Italian dinner party ideas. Food will be a major consideration for this kind of party. Then the party decoration is another important concern as well.

An Italian dinner party can be a great way to celebrate any occasion or no occasion at all. Good food and good wine complemented by Italian decorations can set the stage for a fun evening. Whether the menu is spaghetti or lasagna, the right atmosphere will make the party even better.

The Italians are known for their great love for food and the use of fresh produce and meats to create a meal. For an Italian dinner party, try to get hold of the best possible produce to get the most flavors. Some menu examples of Italian food combination include the tomato and olive Bruschetta, citrus-marinated pork rib roast, herb encrusted lamb chops, Pappardelle with wild mushroom sauce, Tiramisu and red wine.

If you can, try to make your own pasta from scratch in the pasta recipes since they taste good. Your guest will certainly appreciate homemade Italian pasta. Fresh herbs like parsley, basil and coriander should be used for garnishing and always use olive oil for cooking Italian dishes. Italian desserts like tiramisu and biscotti can be prepared a day ahead and this will help you to go ahead with other preparations on the day of the party. Try to have a good selection of cheese and both red and white wines for the party.

Once you have decided on the menu for the party, it is time to tackle the decor. Italian style dinner party decorations should include a table setting that is distinctly Italian. Red and white checks tablecloth with empty wine bottles used as candle holders and a big floral centerpiece is essential. You can also use vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes and asparagus placed in a bowl as a rustic centerpiece. Throwing an Italian dinner party does not involve too much fuss; all you need to do is keep the ambiance warm and relaxed.

The Italian flag colors are red, white and green. Balloon bouquets in these three colors can be set along a sidewalk to let the guests begin to sense the theme. Personalized Italian door covers and yard signs are available through party supply companies. A chalkboard announcing the evening’s menu either by the door or on a table by the front entrance really sets the mood for an Italian party. Italian music to dine and dance can be purchased or made at home to create the Italian mood. Cover tables with red-checkered table cloth or plain red table cloth with Italian-style table runners down the middle. Add a few wicker-wrapped Chianti bottles dripping with candle wax. Another centerpiece idea would be a small bottle or dish of olive oil with a basket of bread to dip into the olive oil. A glass cup of small crunchy breadsticks or platter of grapes makes great centerpieces as well. Vines from the craft store can be strewn down the center of the table to add more green to the decorations.

An Italian dinner party is all about food and more food. Good food with lots of wine and good conversation is all that is needed to make your Italian themed dinner party a success.

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