Jungle Party Ideas Part 2

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Young explorers get hungry on safari. Make animal-shaped sandwiches using cookie cutters. Peanut butter and banana makes a good jungle filling. Serve fresh fruit kebabs with chunks of pineapple and mango. Have bowls of unshelled peanuts and animal-shaped chips if you can find them. Make animal-shaped cookies. Decorate cupcakes with leaf shapes cut from green fondant icing. Alternatively, cover cupcakes with frosting and draw on animal noses and whiskers with tubes of icing. Serve green lime soda as jungle juice.

Games are the most interesting part. You can create many different games out of this party theme. A safari fits well into the jungle party theme. Purchase several plastic jungle animal toys. Hide the animals throughout the party area. If the decorations include vines, tuck the animals into the vines. Provide the kids with safari hats and send them on a safari to search for the plastic animals. The toys serve as a favor for the party guests, as well as part of the game.

Moreover, you can host an animal sound contest with a jungle theme. Line up the party guests. Identify an animal that lives in the jungle, such as a monkey or a jaguar. Have each participant imitate the sound made by the selected animal. Award a prize for the most creative or most realistic animal sound. Continue playing the game with different jungle inhabitants as the inspiration.

Lastly, don’t forget to pick up some party favors, as well. You can find packets online, or you can create your own bag! If you want to create your own bag, then some items you can include are: jungle silly bands, pencil toppers, bubbles, pencils/pens, candy, masks, plastic animals, etc. This will create a great memory for the kids as well as the guests.

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