Jungle Party Ideas

Jungle Party Ideas

Jungle party ideas are great for kids who enjoy jungle and animals. Some of the considerations involved for this party theme include the decorations, food and drinks, party favors, and also the party games and activities. You can make the party more enjoyable by requiring the guests and kids to wear the costumes of animals.

If you are looking for a great theme for a kid’s party, then a jungle party theme is a great idea. It is a classic theme, so you do not have to worry about wondering if the theme will or will not be accepted. It is something very relative to kids, because most kids are dreaming of adventure and animals. If your young explorer would love a jungle-themed party, there is plenty of room for creativity and imagination. Involve your child in making decorations and helping to prepare the party food. Talk about the kind of games he would like to play and think about getting a simple costume together. Join in the fun by dressing in safari clothes and get ready to lead the expedition.

For this theme, perhaps decoration is the most important since you need to create the atmosphere or ambience so that it gives a sense of reality in a jungle to the kids. Create a jungle scene by hanging green streamers from the ceiling. Tape or pin animal print fabric to the walls. Cut animal footprints from construction paper and tape them to the floor. Fill the party room with large potted palms and plants — ask to borrow plants from family and friends if necessary. Cut large leaves from construction paper and tape or pin them on the walls. Gather up plush toy animals and place them prominently in your “jungle.” Add green or brown balloons to look like coconuts. Cover your table with animal-print fabric and buy jungle-themed plates and cups. Decorate your table with bananas and coconuts as a centerpiece.

To enhance and make more fun to the party, you can ask kids to come in animal costume or dressed in safari clothes. Make animal costumes from fake fur fabric. Add ears cut from card stock or craft foam and attached to a headband. Use face paints to add spots, stripes and whiskers for animal faces. Alternatively, offer face-painting as a party activity. Safari hunters will need khaki clothing, sunhats and binoculars for spotting jungle animals.

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