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Place large round glass fish bowls on your tables, fill with water, and add large blooms of tropical flowers as well as Seashell Floating or colorful scented Candles, or some live goldfish or tropical fish. In this case, cover your tables with blue Gossamer for a lively effect.

For luau party ideas for games, you can play the all-time favorite game of limbo. Some variations to limbo can be like; flashlight limbo- turn off the lights and us the beam of the flashlight as a limbo stick; garden-hose limbo; if the weather is too hot and all the guests have worn their bathing suits, then you can use the garden hose as a limbo stick.

Another game that can be played is the game of hula-hoops. This game can be tiring so it should be played for certain time intervals in the party. The guests should be encouraged to practice if they are not very good at it. And the guests can also be made to be a little more competitive by keeping prizes for the person who wins.

The traditional hula dance was developed centuries ago when Hawaiians had no written language. History and stories were passed by word of mouth or set to music and dance. Fill a bowl with key phrases, turn up the tropical music, and let your guest’s hula their way to winning. You can always use the 60’s Beach movies, TV shows and songs as themes.

For food, use only tropical dishes and loads of pineapples, coconut, fish to make the party more enjoyable. You can serve up some tropical fruit punches to make the mood more “Hawaiian”! Mai Tai is one drink people think of when they think of a luau, but don’t forget to serve nonalcoholic drinks as well. Pineapple juice mixed with club soda is refreshing, especially when served in hollowed out pineapples. Watermelon isn’t tropical but it adds a healthy kick to punch served in a hollowed-out watermelon. Pile cans of soda and water in an empty birdbath filled with ice. White sangria made with mango juice takes on a tropical twist. Serve drinks with lots of fruit garnishes and little umbrellas. And you can’t go wrong with pinna coladas in coconut shells. Set up more than one drink station to avoid crowds.

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