Luau Party Ideas

Luau Party Ideas

Luau party ideas can be as fun as you want it to be. Some considerations for this kind of party include party decorations, party food and drinks, party games and activities.

Luau party ideas make you explore your creative side for making your bash as “Hawaiian” as possible. For luau party ideas, inspiration can be taken from either looking at pictures or videos taken when you were in Hawaii or you can just surf on the Internet for Hawaii pictures.

You could also write the party details on flip-flops and mail them to the guests so that can wear them to the party. Luau party ideas give you a wide variety of choices to make your party unforgettable. Luau party ideas give you a chance to let your guests go crazy in the party.

For luau party decorations, start out with a Polynesian hut and add some Tiki torches. Have a few palm trees scattered around. Use grass skirts for tables. You could even go crazy, by putting a big palm tree in the pool, filling up the pool sides with sand, and put real coconuts at the base, shells, starfish, etc.

Set the luau mood with bright colors, lush greenery and lots of flowers and fruit. Use brightly colored beach towels as table runners. Place big leaves over the runners, such as palm fronds. Fill glass vases with sand or shells. Place candles on top of the sand to light the patio area. Be generous using flowers in orange, bright pink, yellow and purple. Grass skirts are funky and scream luau. Use them as skirts for the tables and guests. Cover umbrellas with more grass skirts or palm fronds. A palm tree made from a base of stacked, hollowed-out pineapples topped with a silk fern provides a centerpiece for an abundant display of fresh fruit. Hungry guests can help themselves to papaya, mango slices, strawberries and kiwis while they wait for the main entree.

Beach umbrellas, a kayak, a small sailboat, a surfboard can be used as props to give the party a better and a more real effect. These articles can be rented from a sports store, if you or your friends don’t have them.

Transform a larger room by covering by using lots of blue Seamless Paper. Take help of a few creative assistants to paint various beach scenes such as waves, palm trees, the sun, beach towels, or simply hang some Luau Foil Fish next to the walls.

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