Princess And The Frog Party Ideas

Princess And The Frog Party Ideas

Princess and the frog party ideas can be great way to celebrate kids’ birthday especially girls if she likes the story. Some considerations for this kind of party include decorations, party supplies, party refreshment, games as well as the party activities.

The Princess and the Frog has become a popular choice for a birthday party theme thanks to the Disney animated movie. Ideas for food, decorations, activities and more will help you plan a party that even Princess Tiana and her frog prince would be happy to attend.

If your child simple adores The Princess and the Frog, then you owe it to them to create a great themed birthday party. Don’t start buying the birthday party supplies yet because of course there will be quite a few things to think about and plan. First off all, you have to always make a list of the things to prepare for, that way you will be a greater chance of a successful event. In the list must contain the planned venue, the date and time of the actual party and of course the guest list. From then on, you can plan properly at what specific birthday party supplies you will be using of more specifically Princess and the Frog party supplies to choose.

Decoration is an important part for this kind of party. You can purchase paper plates, napkins, tablecloths and other party supplies in lavender, pale green and light blue for your “The Princess and the Frog” party. Fill a few vases with princess wands and place them on tables for a royal centerpiece. Paper crowns with the guests’ names on them double as place cards and table decorations. When the party is over, each guest can take home a crown and a wand as her party favor. Mardi Gras beads spread out on tabletops and draped over the backs of chairs, along with streamers and balloons, will help add a festive touch to your party.

Party refreshment for this party can be crown-shaped cookies or cupcakes that look like frogs make a perfect sweet treat for your party. If you’d rather serve cake, make a round or rectangular cake, frost it to match your party colors and add a Princess Tiana topper and icing flowers to the top. Frog floats make a fun drink that your party guests can make themselves. Just put a scoop of lime sherbet in a clear plastic cup and pour lemon-lime drink over it. Then add two small marshmallows with a mini chocolate chip placed on top of each to make frog eyes and a piece of red licorice for the tongue. Drink with a fancy straw.

Plan some princess- or frog-themed games to keep your guests busy and having fun. Instead of musical chairs, make large lily pads out of green poster board and play musical lily pads. Play music from the movie and have the children hop around until the music stops and they have to find a lily pad to stand on. Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey but with a royal twist. Make a poster of Princess Tiana without her crown and hang it on a wall. Then give each child a crown and, while blindfolded, have her try to put the crown on Princess Tiana’s head. You can also play some musical games; they are a favorite game at a kid’s party. Find some easy craft ideas kids love so much. Take some pictures of all your guests having a great time at the party you have planned for your daughter.

A few “The Princess and the Frog” activities will ensure that all of your party goers have a good time. Fill a frog-shaped piñata with candy, plastic jewelry and other princess-worthy treats. The children will have a ball trying to break it open and then collecting the prizes they find inside it. Older children will enjoy making their own jewelry out of beads. Younger children can decorate foam or cardboard crowns with stick-on jewels, gel pens and stickers. Set up a table with “The Princess and the Frog” coloring sheets, crayons and markers so that the children have something to do when they arrive at the party or when they are waiting to be picked up. This will certainly bring a memorable and fun birthday party for your kids.

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