Thomas The Train Party Ideas

Thomas The Train Party Ideas

Thomas the Tank Engine is a loveable tank engine that has entertained children for more than six decades. Throwing a Thomas the Tank Engine party with fun party games will entertain children for hours on end. Thomas and Friends are characters that appeal to preschoolers. The book, movie and TV series offer many opportunities to create a show-stopping experience for your child’s next birthday.

There are many ways to organize this type of party. For example, you can create invitations to your child’s party on a computer graphics or word processing program. The theme of the party is trains, so have your invitations take the form of train tickets.

Party decoration is one of the most important parts for this party. There are many different ideas when it comes to decoration. A wall mural creates a focal point in the room. Paint a mural that contains a scene and covers an entire wall — for example, a large painting of Thomas the Tank Engine and a railroad track — in your child’s Thomas the Tank Engine room. Find a Thomas picture that your child likes and transfer it to the wall using an overhead projector. Trace the picture on the wall and use craft paints to paint the mural. You can also arrange decals that feature Thomas the Tank Engine and other railroad graphics on the wall. You can purchase wall decals in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to large. Simply peel the paper away from the back of the wall decal and stick it to the wall. Or, opt to create a border around the room using wall decals or place them close together to create a large wall decoration.

Moreover, you can also incorporate a variety of Thomas the Tank Engine accessories in the room. Thomas the Tank Engine accessories include lamps, ceramic figurines, switch plate covers and toys. Toys double as room décor because children often play with their toys in their bedroom. You can purchase or have a craftsman build a large, low table specifically for your child’s collection of Thomas the Tank Engine railway tracks, bridges and trains.

Another idea is to transform your home into the Island of Sodor for the party to allow your guests to feel the magic of Thomas. Using chalk, create this magical railroad by drawing tracks up the path to your door. Alternatively, offer children sachets of gold glitter to sprinkle before entering your home so they can reach this wondrous place.

Create a “dining car” where food is served to give the children the feel of being on a real train. Your food offerings, such as cookies or sandwiches, can reflect your theme by using train-shaped cookie cutters. They are ideal for creating loco sandwiches and caboose cookies. Modify a sheet cake with the train theme. Use black licorice for track, Oreos for the train wheels and real trains as your cake toppers. If you aren’t feeling quite so adventurous, many bakeries offer ready-made cakes with a train theme.

Create games based on Thomas stories. For example, one character, Henry, was bricked into a tunnel after refusing to leave it as he worried the rain would spoil his lovely paint job. Use cardboard bricks and create a two-team game where children have to try to brick Henry up in a doorway. Another game takes place in the quarry. Essentially a bean-bag toss using black beanbags (or stuffed socks), this game involves the children cleaning up the tracks after the Troublesome Trucks have spilled coal.

Another cool game idea is follow the Train Tracks. This game is perfect for those guests that enjoy pretending to be a train and has the guests following tracks for a great deal of fun. Draw train tracks on sheets of construction paper or cut out train tracks from brown construction paper and tie together with ribbon. Have the party guests follow the train tracks to different locations in the party area. At the different locations, have guests’ complete different activities such as coloring. Puzzle, bean bag toss games, guesses the number games (which are generally played by placing a number of items in a clear glass jar) and other fun activities. The party guests will enjoy going from place to place completing activities as they enjoy playing Follow the Train Tracks with friends.

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