Pony Party Ideas

Pony Party Ideas

Enter the magical world of my little Pony, children from all over the world love to watch this very sweet, wonderful and magical show called My Little Pony. Children just love watching the adventures of all the little ponies from Paradise Estate and some of them can fly, some also have other magical powers and it is really interesting seeing them meet new friends and interact with their other friends and families.

If your child is one of the thousands of My Little Pony fans around the world then it really would be a wonderful treat for them if you throw them a My Little Pony Themed birthday bash, you can even throw in a real pony from a petting zoo for the kids to play with.

Organizing a themed birthday party is relatively simple, but before you buy the first of the birthday party supplies of even the My Little Pony party supplies, you have to plan the event properly. Put it down on paper and make sure that you have all the important things written down on a checklist. First on that list should definitely be the venue and if you are planning to include a real pony or two for the kids then you must set them outdoors, so a preferable venue would be the front or backyard.

Next on your checklist should be the guest list, you should have the head count early on so that you will know how many of the birthday party supplies like the food, drinks and others you will need. This is also important for when you need to order the My Little Pony party supplies for the party. The headcount and guest list is also important because from there, you will need to contact the other children’s parents so they will be able to get their schedules straight too and you might want to inform them of the theme and of the My Little Pony party supplies and the little petting zoo you will have setup, in case any of the other kids have allergies to animals.

Decorate with images that reflect the pony characters. Each My Little Pony has its own color and symbol, such as clouds, stars and rainbows. Cut these shapes out of pastel card stock and decorate with glitter. Punch a hole in each shape for stringing a ribbon. Hang these items from the ceiling. Add helium-filled balloons and streamers in pastel colors. Use the same color scheme for table coverings and paper goods. Sprinkle the tables with confetti made from the remnants of the card stock and ribbons, or cut out stars, clouds and other My Little Pony symbols.

Make sandwiches cut into star and pony shapes with cookie cutters. Use the same cutters to make gelatin shapes. Serve cotton candy and cupcakes, which ponies are named after. Create other treats named after ponies. Make a pudding pie and top with pink sprinkles to create a Pinkie Pie. Add berries to a bowl of fruit punch and call it Sweet Berry Punch. Look up recipes with ingredients inspired by names like Minty, Butterscotch, Banana Surprise and Apple Jack.

Play “Pin the Tail on the Pony.” Draw a pony with no tail on poster board. Paint it to resemble the birthday child’s favorite pony. Draw and cut out a tail from a separate piece of poster board. Play the game just as you would play the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” Let the children decorate the pony and tail prior to playing. Set out stickers, crayons, markers, rhinestones, ribbons and scraps of paper and fabric. Give each child a glue stick, and watch them create a unique pony together. Let the birthday child decorate the tail. Have each child come up with a new pony name and have a contest to choose the best name. Have the birthday child pick the name from a bucket if you want to avoid conflict or hurt feelings.

Paint brown paper lunch bags in pastel colors. Punch a hole through both sides of each bag when closed. String ribbon through the holes to tie the bag closed. Fill the bags with stickers, bubbles, ponytail holders and candies that share names with ponies, such as Butterscotch, Starburst and Milky Way.

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