Kids Pool Party Ideas

Kids Pool Party Ideas

Kid’s pool party ideas involve a few considerations like invitations, decorations, place, party menu, centerpieces, and games as well. It is a great party theme for kids especially for celebrating birthdays.

Pool parties are popular with kids and good for summer kids’ birthdays. Planning a swimming party for kids is easy with fun ideas for decor and activities. Kids and tweens love pool parties, whether held at home, a friend’s house, or a rented community pool. Swimming is a great activity for kid boys, kid girls, and some co-ed groups.

Because pool parties are so popular, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some cute invitations. There are so many to choose from that you can order online or print yourself. If you’re looking to make your own invitations for your pool party, one of my personal favorites is to blow up a beach ball and write all of your party information with a permanent marker. Deflate the beach ball and either mail or hand-deliver them to your friends. When they blow up the beach ball, they’ll be excited to see their invitation.

It really helps with this theme if you encourage guest to dress in the theme of the party, it doesn’t have to be the obvious swimwear option but maybe something along these lines such as surfer wear, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and shorts, shorts and t-shirts or summer dresses.

For the party menu, you can plan with lots of finger foods. You can please adults with children’s foods like Jalapeno Poppers and Chicken Strips, but make the sauces more sophisticated than the usual ranch dressing. Create a sandwich bar so that your guests can build their own sandwich. Have plenty of cold-cuts, cheese slices, various types of bread, and condiments available. Barbeques are ideal for pool parties, with plenty of burgers and hot dogs grilling all day. Choose music with a beach theme (Beach Boys, Neil Halstead, etc.).

Have lots of dry towels around, in case anyone wants to swim, especially children. Have coolers filled with ice, as you never have enough ice. Fill more coolers with sodas and very cold beer. Serve fun drinks with umbrellas, or just cold white wine or sangria. For desert, nothing satisfies like ice cream. Have popsicles and ice cream sandwiches (a very inexpensive way to please a sweet tooth) on hand. Plan for a hot, sunny, day, have lots of shade available for guests. Remember, not all guests will swim, so you want to have ways to keep them cool (drinks, air conditioning inside, shade).

It is very simple to make a showy floating centerpiece for your pool party, and choice of accessories and flowers on it can complement your party theme. Start with a flat Styrofoam base, and, if necessary, use floral picks wired to real flowers to create your centerpiece. You can also put the Styrofoam inside a floating pool animal ring, such as a flamingo for a tropical or luau party. Then use clear fishing line to anchor the floating centerpiece in the center of the pool, tying the line to rope anchors or skimmers on either side of the pool.

If you having water games at the swimming pool make sure safety is in place. Make sure that you have enough adults to help to supervise the kids. It is better to have one adult to 2 or 3 kids. If you have swimming pool, your main activities will be swimming. Provide them with floating ball, noodles (long floating foam) or draft for them to have their own fun in the water. Activities like water war, wet marbles, and sea treasure hunting can be held as well to entertain the guests. Divide your guests into two groups and issue each of them with plastic water gun and let them have fun to shoot water at each other. Put about 20 marbles at the bottom of a basket fill with water, each child is supposed to use the toes to pick out as much marble as possible within a specific time of about 10 minutes. The kid that got the most marble is the winner. Hide sea shells in the sand box ahead of the party. At a signal, see which child can find the most shell at a certain length of time.

Birthday parties are great for kids to enjoy friends and celebrate. A pool party is an easy theme to throw together quickly for kids, with many options for party favors, foods, activities and decor.

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