Graduation Party Ideas

college graduation party ideas

college graduation party ideas

graduation party ideasgraduation party ideas

Graduation parties celebrate a very special milestone in your child’s life, so endeavor to make this event something very memorable. Giving some forethought to planning graduation party activities can help you accomplish that. Talk to your graduate. Then see if your ideas agree with theirs. Choosing a theme can really add really live to your party. There are many possible themes from which to choose, such as, a School Colors Theme, Hawaiian Laua, Beach Party, Pool Party, Sports Theme, This Is Your Life Theme, Profession Theme (about the graduate’s chosen profession), Dance Party, Cowboy theme, Mexican theme (or other nationality), Scavenger Hunt.

high school graduation party ideas

nursing graduation party ideasnursing graduation party ideas

For more ideas search the internet for “Party Themes”. Include a large banner congratulating your graduate. (You could even blow up a baby picture or another funny picture.) Add smaller pictures of your child taken at different ages to a poster board. Balloons, creep paper, center pieces, etc. will also add to the festive occasion. Rent a big party tent if its within your budget. Now let’s spice things up with some great party activities. Have a panel of judges vote on the winner. Consider a dance contest. Why not include some fun party games to create a lot of laughs and excitement. There’s Pin the Mustache on the Teacher (using a blown up a picture of a teacher, instead of a Donkey). You could also rent a photo booth to give your guests the chance to enjoy taking fun pictures. Have the graduate’s friends tell some true life embarrassing stories about the graduate. You can fill it with love, humor, inspiration and whatever else you choose. Have fun with it. Consider having a slideshow of your child from birth to graduation. Add some meaningful music and humorous or encouraging words. For example, a high school graduation dinner party is best held during the day or early evening since some guests may not drive yet, and younger guests may have curfews. Contrary to what you might think, a graduation party won’t require a second mortgage to fund– especially if you plan ahead.

unique graduation party ideasunique graduation party ideas

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