Martini Party Ideas

Martini Party Ideas

Martini party ideas are great for any types of occasions and it is that difficult to organize one. Some of the considerations to consider before holding a martini party include guest invitation, party decorations, time and place for the party as well as the food and drinks for the party.

Do you like your martinis shaken or stirred? Either way, twist it up with a martini party that is sure to please! Want an excuse to dress up for? Host a fancy martini party in your own home! Featuring special martini recipes and delicious hors d’eurves, the menu ideas will stir up major compliments from your guests! If you want to host a martini party, keep a few rules in mind to ensure it is a success. A martini party is generally a more formal event where guests snack on small edibles and partake of fun and fancy drinks.

To start with, first, you will need to decide who the guests will be and how many will attend. You will want to ensure that the purpose of the party is being met (such as meet and mingle, make business contacts or honor someone) and that you’ll have enough food and beverages.

If you are hosting a gathering of friends or you are having a cocktail party as a birthday or anniversary party, your home can be a good location. A business party or other more formal affair may do better at a reserved room at a restaurant, the office conference room or other outside location. Just make sure the location fits the theme or purpose of the cocktail party ideas.

A martini party is not supposed to provide a full dinner for guests, so a martini party is best held later in the evening, say from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. An evening martini party typically also dictates the type of clothing the guests should wear. Simple yet elegant attire is normal for an evening party. A woman should wear a simple dress or pantsuit with minimal accessories while a man can wear anything from a suit to a casual blazer and slacks. A weekend afternoon is another fine time for a martini party, and the attire can be a little more casual, but not much.

Finger foods are ideal snacks for the buffet for a successful cocktail party and should all be bite sized. As guests will probably be standing, they will be more comfortable if they can take foods from the serving platters and eat them in one bite. Choose a variety of foods with different appearance, color, flavor and texture and ensure that dishes can be prepared in advance. Canapés are ideal foods for cocktail parties, although it’s necessary to give thought to toppings. Moist toppings will make the canapé base soggy if prepared too early. Bowls of peanuts, cashews, salted almonds, olives and other pickles are a great staple snack for parties which can be left anywhere in the room for guests to help themselves. Pistachios are a little more problematic as they can be messy.

Cocktail sausages are another staple party snack which can be served hot or cold, speared on cocktail sticks. Colorful vegetables are also fantastic finger foods. Celery, cucumber and carrots can be cut into small sticks and served with different dips, whilst lightly fried mushroom caps and tomato halves are fantastic with tasty fillings.

Organizing a successful martini party is really not difficult, following some of these tips. Furthermore, as cocktails are acceptable drinks at almost any time of day, martini parties are a truly versatile way to celebrate any occasion.

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