Carnival Theme Party

Carnival Theme PartyCarnival Theme Party

Slushies, hamburgers, hotdogs, veggies and dip are great foods because they are liked and easy to make without being too time consuming. Penny arcade games, ring toss, horse shoes, bean bag throwing and races such as the 3 legged race, sack race and wheelbarrow race are always loved by children and have stood the test of time. Set up a tiny carnival in your yard and invent carnival party games or stick with the old ones that everyone still enjoys.

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Summer carnivals are also fun, but obviously they have different activities. If you’re at a park or you have a backyard fire pit, roasting hotdogs and having hot chocolate is not only fun but keeps the internal fire warm and the energy on high. Making pull toffee on the snow is always fun and yummy. Other activities include painting on the snow with colored bottle water, having snow shovel races, kind of like running with an egg on a spoon only you do it with snow and plastic snow shovels for kids.

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Don’t forget a prize for the winners. Carnival party games can include such things as ice sculpturing, or dividing into teams to see who can make the best snow fort in the allotted time.

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