Mad Hatter Tea Party Ideas

Mad Hatter Tea Party Ideas

Mad Hatter tea party ideas include many considerations such as the decorations, invitations, location, food and drinks, costumes for the party, games and activities arrangement, table settings as well as the party favors for the guests.

When the Mad Hatter throws a tea party in “Alice in Wonderland,” it is not the sedate and dignified affair we usually associate with a tea party. It is a let-loose, crazy, fun time. Planning a Mad Hatter tea party can be almost as much fun as actually having one, from the crazy hats to the table settings.

It is considered one of the most famous themes for a tea party. This is a fun option, especially if you request that your guests dress in tale outfits, or with bunny ears, or a crazy hat. This would be one of the most important aspects of this type of tea party.

When planning for this party, the first thing you need to consider will be the location where the party will be held. Choose somewhere outside that has plenty of green lawn and places for tables. A location with a lot of flowers or trees will also help when it comes to transforming the space for the party.

A tea party is just not a tea party without finger foods. Plan a menu that is both easy and appetizing. Guests must be able to talk and eat, so finger-food is the best option. A variety of small desserts and several teas and punches will add just the right touch to your final menu. You can also opt for traditional tea party sandwiches like cucumber, creamed cheese items, and different varieties of teas or go with dainty little sandwiches minus the crusts and cut into fourths. Strawberries and cream or dipped in melted chocolate is always a yummy and most welcome option.

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