Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Minnie mouse party ideas are popular theme for birthday especially for little girls. When organizing such party, you will have to consider the theme color, decorations, tableware, food and also the games and activities for the party.

Minnie Mouse debuted with Mickey Mouse way back in 1928, and since then she has been featured with him in a whole host of cartoons from Disney. Through the decades, she has become an icon for young girls because of her strength, determination and caring heart for Mickey Mouse. Even today, eight decades after she debuted, she is still popular with young girls around the world, and many parents are quickly realizing that they may need to plan Minnie Mouse themed birthday parties for their children. However, with some know-how, ideas and supplies, a great Minnie Mouse birthday party can be made.

First, you need to come up with the Minnie Mouse theme colors first. We love her red dress with white polka dots and yellow shoes. These three colors can actually be the main ones of your theme. Still, many girls prefer the red to be replaced with pink. This is another color typical for the character that young ladies absolutely adore. Pink can be beautifully complemented not only by yellow and white, but by light blue and green as well.

You also need to get Minnie Mouse party tableware in the respective theme colors. You may want to have the image of the character as the main decorative motifs of the tableware items. The important thing is to get enough disposable dinner plates, cake plates and cups. Get as many forks, spoons and napkins as possible. You should definitely consider getting plastic covers for all tables. It is perfectly possible to find ones decorated with a number of Disney characters including Minnie.

After that, you will have to plan all the elements of the Minnie Mouse party decoration in advance. You need lots of balloons in the theme colors. Get a number of foil ones with the image of Minnie as well. Reusable wall decals with this one and other Disney characters are excellent choices for decoration. One or two Minnie stand ups can also add to the atmosphere.

No games will be fun enough if the birthday girl and her friends are not dresses up for the occasion. You should definitely get a Minnie Mouse costume for your child. Similarly, you can give each guest a headband with the typical black mouse ears. The headbands for girls have beautiful polka dot ribbons that turn every child into her favorite character. In addition to that, a Minnie Mouse “pull string” pinata is a great idea. Since your guests may not like the idea of hitting a Minnie Mouse pinata with a stick, this gives you a less violent option: everyone picks a string to pull, and pulling the right one releases the candy. You can try other Minnie Mouse themed party activities, such as pin the bow on Minnie, or Minnie Mouse coloring pages.

The Minnie Mouse party food should also be in the theme colors. Red and pink cupcakes are great choices. Pizza and other snacks can also have some ingredients in these colors. Strawberries covered with chocolate are also excellent treats for such a party.

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