Ice Cream Party Ideas

Ice Cream Party Ideas

Ice cream party ideas involve considerations like themes, invitations, party decorations, food and drinks, and also the party activities. Everything will be centered around ice cream.

If you’re looking for a sweet idea for your next theme party, look no further than your freezer. An ice cream party is a cool way to keep your guests happy and fed while creating a charming, classic aesthetic. And your ice cream theme can extend past the cold treats, of course – everything from the decorations to the invitations can have your guests screaming for ice cream.

The refreshments at your ice cream party should be more involved than you serving scoops out of a 10-gallon tub of rocky road. Instead, encourage a little creativity among your guests with a do-it-yourself ice cream sundae bar. Fill a cooler with ice and a few gallons of ice cream, and place it at the end of a buffet table. Guests start by scooping out ice cream into a dish. Follow up with several toppings stations, including classics like sprinkles, maraschino cherries, and marshmallows, peanut and shaved coconut. Finish off the buffet with another cooler, this one stocked with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and caramel topping. Your guests will love the opportunity to personalize one–or several–of their very own sundaes.

An old fashioned ice cream social is a party where a bunch of people get together and enjoy all sorts of different flavors of ice cream. Hosting an ice cream social is not that expensive considering all the guests brings different supplies needed, sort of like pot luck. Children of all ages can enjoy this summer tradition and create wonderful memories as well.

Make basic invitations by printing pictures of ice cream cones. Write the details on the front or back of the picture. For example, write “Here’s the scoop,” followed by the party details. Alternatively, make the invitations 3-D by attaching colored cotton balls on the scoop of the ice cream, and then mail the invitations in padded envelopes. For added decoration, attach an ice cream-shaped keychain or candy to the invitation and hand-deliver it to your guests.

Look for ice cream style decorations for your party. Simply Modern Mom has step-by-step decorations on how to make an ice cream party banner and an ice cream cone piñata, though you can also purchase similar decorations yourself. Streamers in pale colors mimic the shades of the ice cream served at the party. Decorate the party area with large tables and ice cream-related decorations. Old-fashioned ice cream decorations are available online and at many party supply stores. Make your own ice cream cone streamer using colored cotton balls, string and brown construction paper. Roll the brown paper into cone shapes, and stuff the colored cotton balls into the cones. Tie each ice cream cone to string and hang up in the party area or above the ice cream table. Create a party favor by attaching a piece of paper that says, “Dear Guest, thanks for making the party ‘scooper’ cool to an ice cream scoop.” Place the party favors in a bowl on a table for the guests to take home.

Prepare the ice cream tables and treats so guests have a variety of choices to select. Place several bowls of regular ice cream on the table. Include toppings like chocolate chips, hot fudge, candies, strawberries, nuts, miniature marshmallows, cherries, gummy worms and crushed candy bars. Other items to include on the ice cream table are sundae glasses, float glasses, long and regular spoons, regular cones, sugar cones, brownie squares, bananas and whipped cream. Keep a blender on hand to make old-fashioned shakes for your guests.

Host an old-fashioned sundae-building contest to see who can make the best sundae. Give each guest five minutes to make a sundae, and then award a prize for the best, funniest, messiest and most creative sundaes. For a funny and messy game, have each player select a partner. Blindfold each player and have both sit facing one another. Give one player a bowl of ice cream and a spoon. The player without the ice cream must place her hands behind her back. When you say “Go,” the player must feed her partner. The first player to feed all the ice cream to her partner wins the game.

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