Party Bags Ideas

Party Bags Ideas

Party bags ideas have many different types of design patterns and, most of the time; the designs are based on the themes of the parties. Besides themes, party bags will also vary depends on the occasions.

Attend any party for kids or even adults and you’re likely to see dozens of gift bags waiting by the door. Also known as goody bags or party favor bags, these small bags usually consist of candy or small snacks and a few inexpensive gifts. The bags typically fit the theme of the party, using toys that relate to the character associated with the party. Ideas for party bag favors should relate to the main theme of your party.

There are many types of different party bag ideas and it all depends on, especially the theme of party but not limited to that. For a beach party or outdoor party, purchase small buckets like those used for building sand castles or playing in the sand. The buckets are fairly cheap and come with a shovel, spade or some other type of toy. If you find only the buckets, purchase other sand-building toys and add a set to each bucket. Buy one bucket for each child attending the party and write their name on the front. You can add other beach or sun items as well, including inexpensive kid-size sunglasses. As most party bags include some form of candy, add a few miniature candy bars, taffy or bubble gum, depending on the age of the children. It’s also possible to skip the candy completely and include only the toys.

Canvas totes come in a variety of colors and sizes, guaranteed to fit your party theme. Purchase plain bags and decorate the front with your party theme. For a cowboy party or western party, add images of horses and cowboy hats or boots. Decorate girl’s bags with tiaras and makeup. Wait for the paint to dry and then fill with small toys, candy and other items. Use the same type of things that you would in traditional goody bags.

Fuel the imaginations of little magicians at your party with magic bags to take home with them after the party. This works especially well when there is a magic theme to the party or if a magician is hired to entertain. Decorate blue gift bags with stars and fill them with mini-wands, decks of cards and little novelty magic tricks from toy stores. There are many small and inexpensive magic tools that can be purchased at party supply stores, such as the disappearing coin trick or finger cuffs.

Besides that, you can also give teens a little something to take home with them or to use at the party. Fill gift bags with disposable cameras for use at the party; guests can keep a record of the party from their own points of view and share pictures with each other later on. Include personalized notebooks for school or pencils and pens. Include a CD of a current and popular artist that the group of teens often listens to.

On the other hand, adult birthday party bags are more dependent on the theme of the event and the demographic of the guests. A bag with custom golf balls and cigars is more appropriate for male guests, just as a bag with fine loose-leaf tea and an infuser is geared more toward women. In a mixed party, aim for gender-neutral favors, like personalized tins filled with mints. For higher budget affairs, order fortune cookies with a custom fortune for each guest. If the party incorporates game-playing, add some custom-made playing cards to the bag, with the date and a party title printed on them. Throw in a gift card to the local coffee shop—just $5 on a card treats your guests to their morning latte.

Different types of party will have different types of designs for the party bags. As an example, graduation party hosts have many options when it comes to party favor bags. Fortune cookies, for example, are the perfect favor for a party where many of the guests are fresh out of school. A silver fortune cookie key chain is a more permanent reminder of the unknowable future. Chocolate coins are a tongue-in-cheek favor, since graduates are temporarily poor. Monogrammed card holders are a nod to the future for college graduates. Everyone appreciates gift cards; high school graduates can use them to help furnish the dorm room. And college graduates can use all the help they can get if they have loan payments.

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