My Little Pony Party Ideas

My Little Pony Party Ideas

My Little Pony party ideas are great for children and there are a few considerations for it which include decorations, food and drinks, games and activities as well as the birthday cake for this type of party.

All little girls fall in love with the adorable, fun, caring My Little Ponies. Hosting a My Little Pony Party will bring a smile to your little girl’s face. These little ponies are unique, colorful and interestingly enough are named after their unique marking on the backside. Make this a colorful and sweet My Little Pony Birthday for your little sweetie.

You can buy official My Little Pony licensed invitations from many online vendors, or you can make your own. Snap a photo in last year’s My Little Pony costume, and adhere it to the front of a blank greeting card, or use a desktop publishing program to design customized My Little Pony invitations. You can also write pertinent party information on the back of die-cut pony shapes from your local craft store, in various colors. Glue on a mane and tail of yarn, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind party invitation that will make your party stand out before it even starts.

The Ponies like to go on adventures, so you can ask your son which pony adventure he likes the best. Larger-than-life cardboard cutouts of flowers and trees can be placed against the walls of your party room so it feels like you’re really there. Paint them with spray paint several weeks before the party and allow them to air out in a dry place. A multicolored arch of crepe paper or balloons can make party guests really feel like they’re under the rainbow. Place a chunk of dry ice in a bowl of water in a discreet location (where ponies won’t kick it over) for that “in the clouds” atmosphere.

You can have a “pony walk” instead of a cake walk. Buy a few ponies in all different colors, and put them in a big box. Use painter’s tape to mark numbers on the ground, one for each boy at the party. Play some music, and have the boys gallop from number to number. When the music stops, all the boys stop in their tracks and a number is pulled from a hat. Whoever is standing by the number that’s chosen wins the chance to pick a pony from the box. The number is retired once it’s been chosen and the game ends when each child has won a pony.

The most important part for the party perhaps it’s the Little Pony cake. There are a wide variety of ideas for creating the cake. You can perhaps create a scene cake. These cakes provide a background for little cake topper figures to play on. Make a 9-by-13 inch cake and frost it with green “grass” and a little blue river out of blue cake gel. Don’t forget the little frosting flowers using a flower cake decorating tip. Purchase some My Little Pony cake toppers online or from your favorite retail store bakery. For an added touch, add frosting horseshoes on the side of the cake.

Cut-out cakes use square, rectangle and round cakes for a base and shapes are cut out to create the desired shape. Look at several online patterns for a horse or pony cut-out cake (see Resources), and then decorate the cake in your daughter’s favorite My Little Pony colors. For example, Pinkie Pie is pink with a purple mane and tail. Add colored sugar crystals to the cake to provide sparkle.

If you have the talent, you can perhaps create a freehand art. These cakes use plain frosting as a background, and then frosting in cake decorating tubes is used to create the picture. When the cake is frosted in white or pink, take a coloring book page from a My Little Pony book and gently lay the page on top of the cake. Use a needle to prick through the paper and into the icing. When the page is removed, you’ll have a dotted outline of the pony. Don’t forget to outline details like eyelashes. Then, load colored frosting into the cake decorating tubes and trace what you’ve done. Color in the lines with different tips to create contrasting textures–use the grass/fur tip for the mane and tail, then use the flower tip to tuck frosting flowers behind the pony’s ear.

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