Party Lighting Ideas Part 2

Once you have the ambient lighting that you want, most people will realize that they need a little bit more lighting in certain areas so that they can see to read, eat, or do anything else out on your patio. One great source of this light is outdoor table lamps.

These lights are just like any lamps that you have installed inside; except they are rated for use outside, making sure that you won’t end up with an unpleasant shock when you go to operate the light after a rainstorm. They put the light right were you need it and can even be moved around as your needs change.

If you need bright lighting in a larger area, or just in an area not on a table, spotlights are a great option as well. Just make sure not to confuse these with flood lights, which are also powerful lights, but that don’t have shields on them so the light goes everywhere. Also keep a switch for the light in an easily accessible location, so you can turn the light on when you need it and turn it off and enjoy the night atmosphere when you don’t.

Outdoor lighting systems for gardens and yards have been around for years. Many earlier systems required hours of running of wires, dig trenches, and placing complicated control panels to adjust lighting and setting timer switches. Thankfully, modern outdoor lighting has progressed and evolved over the last decade. Now most modern outdoor lighting systems are solar powered, turn off and on automatically, and require very little, if any, installation and maintenance. While many complicated and expensive outdoor lighting systems still exist, many home improvement stores have systems that are easy to use, are cheap and simple to install.

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