Party Dessert Idea

The large number of dipping items give people an illusion that more than one dessert is being provided! Plain vanilla ice-cream with an array of toppings is sure to satiate the sweet tooth of guests at the wedding. By providing a platter of toppings such as fresh fruits, strawberry or chocolate sauces, sprinkles, whipped cream, cherries, nuts, caramel, etc. is sure to create a glamorous feel to your dessert corner. Ice-cream bars are great dessert ideas for weddings, because the variety presented and the opportunity to choose one’s own topping will interest the guests.

Christmas time is a time when the entire family gets together and celebrates the birth of Christ Jesus. It’s a time when you can make special goodies and cheer your loved ones even further. Many people spell dessert c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e, so be sure to provide at least one option for the chocoholics in the group. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting or double chocolate chip cookies permit guests to sample many different choices by taking small servings of each dessert. If you have a favorite “show-off” recipe for chocolate mudslide cake or homemade chocolate candies or any other rich chocolate indulgence, present it with flair in the center of the table. Cheesecake, like chocolate, is a favorite indulgence for many people. You can combine the two in a chocolate cheesecake, or choose any of the many other versions of this dessert: perhaps blueberry, java, pumpkin or amaretto.

Turkish delight is a confectionery made with starch and sugar that has a soft jelly like consistency. There are different variations of Turkish delight such as rose Turkish delight, mint Turkish delight, banana almond Turkish delight, red-hot Turkish delight, etc. depending on the additions you make to the basic Turkish delight recipe. This confectionery gained a lot of popularity in the movie, ‘Chronicles of Narnia’. Thus, if you have lots of kids around the house during Christmas, you can satiate their sweet tooth with Turkish delight.

Themed cupcakes are one of the popular kids’ birthday party desserts, mostly because there’s so much one can do with a simple cupcake. Depending on the theme fixed for the birthday party, one can go about the cupcake decoration. If you have circus as the theme, you can have cupcakes that resemble faces of clowns or even faces of animals, with marzipan or fondant. Moreover, if it’s a zoo theme, you can have all sorts of cute animal faces made in different colors of marzipan on the cupcake. By buying appropriate cupcake liners, one can accentuate the theme!

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