Birthday Party Ideas for Your Dogs

Because people often view their pets as members of the family, throwing birthday parties for dogs has become an increasingly popular way to celebrate man’s (or woman’s) best friend. You can celebrate his actual birthday or the day of his adoption, all while having a tail-wagging good time.


If you’re throwing a pooch party, by all means, invite your pet’s canine pals as well as their owners. Just keep the guest list small and the party time to two hours so the dogs don’t get too stressed with too many animals around for too long. Plus, you need to know that all the guests play well with your pet as well as other dogs, so save introducing your Rex to your new buddy’s Spot for another outing. Should you invite compadres without canines? Only if they’re rabid dog lovers who absolutely adore your pet.


No matter what kind of invitation you select, be as specific as possible about what supplies pet owners should bring to the party. For instance, you might ask each dog owner to bring his own water bowl and leash. Also specify the time and location of the party and give directions to the venue. Include a RSVP phone number and date so that you can get an accurate head (and paw) count.



Dog birthday parties are all about creativity. Consider organizing your dog’s birthday party around a theme. For instance, is your precious poodle the princess of your family? If so, you could hail Her Royal Barkness and plan a party fit for canine royalty, complete with princess-themed decor and doggy-size tiaras. Or is your pup more of a pirate? You could plan a Pawrite Pawty for your canine matey.

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