Circus Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Throw a birthday party that’s more fun than a three-ring circus.

The invitations can be ‘Admit One’ tickets to your circus. You can cut them out of red or orange construction paper. On the front with a black permanent marker write “Admit One” and on the back write all the needed party information.


You can write things like “Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, appearing one day only, (Last Name) Family Circus is in town!! See the amazing Billy as he attempts outrageous stunts such as… turning a year older, consuming impossible amounts of junk food, and of course, the fiery, death defying birthday candle blow!! RSVP to the Ringmaster”, “Greatest Show on Earth”, “We’ll be Clownin’ Around!!”, etc.


On the party day, don a top hat, a vest and, if you’re really in the mood, a fake mustache, for a ringmaster-like look. The kids will feel they’ve arrived at the circus when you collect tickets from them at the door.


One of the coolest kids birthday paty ideas for this theme is to set up something that looks like a carnival tent. If you don’t have a yard, take long streamers and pin one side to the middle of the ceiling and then the other side tape to the walls (about a fourth down from the ceiling). If you do have a yard you can either set up a camping tent which you can decorate with streamers, balloons and flags (put lots of toys inside so that the kids can play with).



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